Eugenia Chen

Creative Director

Eugenia's design career began at the ripe old age of 8 drawing comics and painting Anime characters shirts to sell to her classmates. As a Pasadena Art Center illustrator and creative director, she has worked with a towering who’s who of brands (cue the name drop: Walt Disney Imagineering, Hasbro, Spin Master, Universal Creative, Google…). Clients count on her and her ability to construct a team to come up with creative solutions and execute under the hardest circumstances.

Being bilingual in Mandarin and English, she has a niche advantage collaborating with vendors and clients across US and China.  

Eugenia always start strategizing by identifying each brand's "pain points and sweet spots". She believes "analyzation shapes reason, reason leads to decision, and decision drives the result. If your result is bad, then your analyzation is off." This belief was the inspiration behind the name "Launchmode".


Her super hero is her belated maternal grandfather: a Nationalist Air Force General, an inventor, and also a writer who translated Chinese’s version of “Catcher in the Rye”.


Jonathan Chang

Art Director

As art director, Jonathan uses his multidisciplinary art skills and wide knowledge of design processes (and A LOT of love for toys and games) to spearhead the design projects for Launchmode. Letting no detail go without care, he is always pushing his skills forward in both design and production realms. Throughout his career, he has designed and illustrated for major toy products from Ninja Turtles to Star Wars.

Branding and illustration are his passions, as are coffee and skateboarding with his sidekick Otto, the white shepherd.


While not using it to problem solve for design (or when not spending time with his girlfriend of course), Jonathan’s brain is occupied with dogs, cars, coffee, and more dogs.


Barbara Chen

Operations Director

Since a young age, Barbara is one of the lucky ones with both sides of the brain: Crazy creative, yet extremely business minded. Since a little girl, she has designed dresses for her Barbies while helped her sister Eugenia on freelance projects. She’s an organization junkie, happiest when attending to the details of a well-made spreadsheet, or perfectly lined up color coded Keurig coffee pods. It is no wonder that she obtained a design degree from Parsons School of Design after an economics degree from UC San Diego. 

During her years as a fashion designer, she has designed apparels for boutique stores and apparels sold at Bloomingdales and Macy's, with designs featured in People's Magazine. 

After years in the fashion industry, she decided to join forces with her sister Eugenia working for constant variety of toys and theme entertainment industries. If she is not counting pennies and managing clients' and design team's fantasies, she is coming up with amazing creative ideas behind the scene.


The official names for some of the apparels she designed that made to the stores were named after her favorite video game and cartoon characters.